I'm not asking what models I should buy (I'd probably go with the Yamaha GigMaker or C40R), I am asking however, if I'd get the same benefits of improved finger strength from either guitar. I've been playing electric since last July, it's coming along okay, but I'm very much interested in improving my technique and I figured that getting an acoustic or classical would make my fingers stronger (as well as make me want to practice chords more on a regular basis) and help my vibrato/bending and legato abilities on an electric guitar. Anyone got some advice?
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Go for an standard acoustic, a classical guitar is typically strung with nylon strings, meaning that they won't do anything for your finger strength.
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a standard acoustic all the way...classical guitars have far less tension.
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I would personally go for the classical guitar. But that's mainly because I love the sound and the feel of playing one. If you want to work on finger strength though, go with the standard acoustic
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What i did to improve finger strength was restring a standard acoustic with thick electric guitar strings. Pretty soon you'll have strong fingers, but it hurts at first. Just a suggestion....
Finger strength, bending, and vibrato aren't going to receive any benefits playing classical. Although if you play classical you'll probably get alot better at odd chord formations and fingerpicking. Under the initial things you wrote down, however, the standard acoustic is by far the better choice.
You sound like you're going to be playing things more oriented towards the acoustic guitars, so go with that.

Though since I'm a biassed classical guitarist, I'd say, that classical guitar, having a formal school and standard technique, can do more for your physical technique than acoustic stuff. Especially the right hand.

But I'm just an elitist. Learning anything is good as long as what you learn is correct.
The wider fretboard of the classical also won't help if you transition back to electric or regular acoustic. The simplest thing would be to restring your electric with thicker strings.