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"if you were a searchbar, this thread wouldnt exist"
"using the searchbar is my best asset"
"i wish you we a door so i can bang you all night"

beware TS ...expect the seachbar to come up
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"I must have used the search bar to find a beauty like you!"
Bands to see before I die:
Iron Maiden
Foo Fighters
Reel Big Fish
Streetlight Manifesto

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"if you were my homework, i'd totally do you on the kitchen table right now."
Call me Jack.
All that you love... must love now.
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'allo love, fancy sitting on my face?

hi, my names Gregg, can i buy you a drink?
Quote by FLUX_
Are you an idiot? You sure make stupid threads like one!

I like this one...
Quote by FLUX_
Are you an idiot? You sure make stupid threads like one!

I' m totally useing this one the next time
You're a tall glass of water and I'm THIRSTY!
Quote by SeveralSpecies
How the f*ck are you gonna get a cat to bark?


Matt Freeman>You
are you an angel, because i have an erection.

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Quote by Stephen Colbert
Now the obvious question here is...

Who's fucking the ponies?

Quote by drop-dead666
Get.. Like he suggested, P-90's. Or you can just buy a hello kitty guitar.
"How much does a pola bear weigh... Enough to break the ice hi my names Zacc!"

"I hear you ladies like smart guys, well i have a PHD... A Pretty Huge Dick"
"Whats that noise??"

"... Jazz"
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are you an angel, because i have an erection.


robot chicken rox my sox
The only things we hate are those things we try to hide from others.

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Quote by Carmel
Either way, I don't think bananas should be placed in such proximity to an ass

I disagree. Bananas and ass are like peaches and cream.
Do you like... fornication?
To a shredder, a second is a long time.

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I wish i were a tampon, so I could be inside you.
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I'm about 5' 4" and have slightly furry feet.....I'm not going in a ****ing volcano though...

I love the Foo's!

Quote by Arrived+Dparted
"if you were my homework, i'd totally do you on the kitchen table right now."

Or the classic, "if you were my homework, I'd throw you out the bus window." or something.
Quote by Ez0ph
That was a different Feb08er that threatened to suck you off
I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
Quote by Firenze

Let it be known that I concur with everything this gentleman says, ever.
I have a small penis. Can you make it bigger?
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Can I call you morse code? Because I'd so tap that.

I can't find my teddy bear... can I sleep with you instead? ;D
"You'll do."

Quote by lotsofvolume
"Sit on my lap and we'll talk about the first thing that pops up."

Saved in my brain.
"If you were a new McDonalds burger you'd be McGorgeous"

"If you were a KFC meal, You'd be a family ****"
1.nice shoes wanna ****? there a mirrior in your pocket cus i can see myself in your pants there a keg in ur pants cus id like to tap that ass
4.well i was lookin for a hot chick but i guess i can settle for a ogre
5. did it hurt wen u fell from heven
6.that dress looks good it would look better on my floor do you normally sleep on your knees or am i dreaming
wanna breed?
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Quote by ranirhetoric
if someone said that to me, i'd let them

i LOVE corny pickup lines.


if you were...ahh forget it

*walks away ashamed*
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