My friend and I are playing at out high school's coffee house this year, my friend is playing piano and I am playing acoustic guitar and vocals. We are playing 2 - 3 songs and we only have one. I'm just looking for some suggestions possible songs to cover that would be playable by a piano and a guitar. Thanks!
Some of the bands we listen too are:
Pink Floyd
David Gilmour
The Beatles
Jefferson Airplane
Bohemian Rhapsody, tape it and I'll be your slave!
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Us and them, The Fletcher Memorial Home, maybe even C-Numb!
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You can cover a lot of The Format's songs. Try things like Snails and If Work Permits
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beatles- strawberry fields forever, i'm only sleeping, i'll be back, for no one, norweigan wood, i;ve just seen a face, eight days a week, youve got to hide your love away, things we said today, nowhere man, something.
i would have to do alot of switching of guitars if we played comfortably numb
i would love to do great gig in the sky but i pretty much doubt i can sing that atnd my lap steel guitar is not built yet
strawberry fields and blackbird are good options though, thanks!
eagle eye cherry - save tonight
blue oyster cult - dont fear the reaper
metallica - creeping death

i could have a never ending list haha
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Bohemian Rhapsody, tape it and I'll be your slave!

haha well that is beyond my capabilities
my friend can play it on piano, i think
Hello, I Love You - Doors

Ohio - CSN&Y ?
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metallica - creeping death

These threads bother me. If you can't figure out songs you want to play by your favorite bands, I think you have a problem.

But anyway...
Pigs on the Wing Pts. 1-2 (you could get fancy and do the combined version with the solo in the middle)
Fat Old Sun
Us and Them
Brain Damage/Eclipse
A Pillow of Winds
San Tropez
Goodbye Blue Sky
Is There Anybody Out There?
Nobody Home
Outside the Wall (Live Wall style)
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Gilmour live style)
Wish You Were Here

...just to name a few Pink Floyd songs that would sound even remotely decent with just piano and guitar. And you can probably arrange the entire Beatles song catalog for a guitar/piano.


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