So at the momnt i have a Boss ML-2 which i dont mind but ever the tonal experimenter, im considering buying and Boss Metal Zone or a Krank Distortius Maximus (If i can find one) or a Rocktron Silver Dragon. So my question is this, are said pedals really THAT different to my current one? Also i noticed in a recording context the built in overdrive in my amp sounds ALOT better. And i was think distortion is more of a live effect no? So is there a pedal with overdrive and distortion? Sorry for the noobie questions but your help is muchly appreciated

Ps: If it helps i like metal (obviously) more of the br00t4alz lately rather then this metalcore BS. And also thrash. I love thrash.
What kind of amp do you have?

EDIT: From checking your profile, you have a little sh!tty solid state practice amp. Pedals aren't gonna make that thing sound any better. Buy a new amp.
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hes got a axteck amp i believe from his profile? get a better amp first. a pedal will just make your amp sound worse probably
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Yeah im saving for a Randall half stack. Its still a solid state but it dont mind SS's.
Ok so if i had a decent amp would said pedals make that much of a difference?

Edit: Just to clarify, im not asking if those pedal would sound good with what i have im asking if they sound inheritly different?
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Yes, they sound different. How different? That's hard to say, but definitely different. Better? That's a whole new thing.

Also, instead of getting a Randall half stack, you could get a better amp for the price. Like a Randall combo, for one (they make SS combos too, but the RG50TC is pretty good too I believe).
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Get a tube combo instead. Even dimebag realized he'd been playing through an SS amp and changed to tube before he died.
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