I have a annoying buzzing sound coming from my amp when the distortion is on. whats the deal???
Maybe you are standing too close to the amp? I can usually step back and the buzz will fade away. Or maybe you should try toying with your tone and volume know until you get a good tone without hum.
If you're using pedals and they are plugged into the same outlet as the amp, that can cause a hum. Also, fluorescent lights, TVs, computers, and other appliances can cause hum, as can being near the amp. Other stuff can cause hum, too, so don't take that as a complete list.

You could try shielding your guitar with copper foil to minimize the hum if nothing else you try works. The directions for doing that should be somewhere on the site.
i messed around with the amp for a while and it fixed itself in the process
If you have a strat, you could always use the noice reducing mode. Mode 2 & 4 on the switch....

But some hum is just normal....
Could have something to do with the way your fretting. If I fret a certain way my amp makes a sound like rattlesnake (pretty damn cool sometimes).
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