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bands or songs that inspired you to play or get involved with making music.

my 3 bands are:

The doors, mainly lyrical and content influence.

the allman brothers, duane made me pick up a guitar.

creedence, the greatest anytime goodtime music ever

ps. im in search of guitarpro tabs for all allman brothers songs, any links would be greatly appreciated. creedence too =P thanks
the solo on whole Lotta love made me beg my mom to buy my a guitar. but then I discover math rock so much for led zep
wes borland made me wanna play cuz i thought he was the ****....but thats all in the past now...for me right now my inspiration is of course synyster gates not the playing aspect but i love how the stuff he writes, sounds
I heard "Sweet Jane" while I was passing through the music channels that Time Warner cable has for some reason.

That was pretty much the trigger for the end for my Classic Rock phase. But it also started me off on my never ending quest to find my musical self.

It's still my favorite song.
I think B.B. King and Eric Clapton really started me wanting to play.
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magnus_maximus, don't worry, I'm cliche too. Things that got me into classic rock and pretty much changed my approach to music:

Pink Floyd- Pulse (this just blew me away. High Hopes started my Floyd addiction. I walked to the CD store in the rain to buy The Division Bell and they didn't have it... I bought Dark Side Of The Moon instead and the rest is history.
Jimi Hendrix- Purple Haze and All Along The Watchtower
The Rolling Stones- Paint It Black
Lots of Black Sabbath too. I came from metal, and Sabbath was kind of my segue between being a typical teenage metalhead and being mostly into classic rock and blues.
Hey, I'm Mike.
Catch the Wind - Donovan
It's Alright Ma - Bob Dylan
Across the Universe - The Beatles
My My, Hey Hey - Neil Young
Little Drop of Poison - Tom Waits
Yeah, man.
Basically, I'm still learning guitar but the band that made me want to play was Deep Purple. Then I got into Black Sabbath and then Cream which also fueled the fire.But it was Deep Purple: Machine Head that got me into it.
Fade to Black- Metallica. It took me away from hip-hop and started me off as a music connoisseur.
as gay as it seems, the white strips turned me on..... i know

but so did stairway solo =)

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Led Zepplin, Rush, and Van Halen wanted to make me start playin guitar. before i actually got the courage to go buy one i played drums for like 3 years
My whole life I listened to bands like The Offspring, Blink 182, and Sublime and stuff along those lines, but junior year of high school my religion teacher played the Rain Song by Led Zeppelin and after that I pretty much forgot about what I listened to before that and thus started my classic rock phase and it began my guitar playing, and now I aspire to play like Jimmy Page and Alex Lifeson with my own twist... my soloing style reminds me of Jimmy a little, and Riffs and rhythm sounds like it has a Lifeson influence to it somewhat. So I give my credit to the Rain Song and to my religion tecaher that year i guess too!
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Graetest solos and hard line beats got me in. deep purple child in time for the long hard core thrashing. ac dc obvoiusly for angus young mental stage antics. dire straits for the mint picking and 'that sound' and lastly anything by led zep, there cover of mary-loo live was and still is a force to be recond with.
I was about 14... and had always listened to my dads music (go figure) but never really payed much attention to the music itself. But then my dad threw in a CD and it was Rush: Different Stages Live and when I heard the song Show Me Don't Tell Me go into Geddy Lee's bass solo i nearly **** myself... and then to make it better the most incredible version of Roll The Bones i had ever heard... and needless to say... I've been thumping on the bass in that good'ol classic rock style ever since.
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well nothing inspired me to start guitar, my dad had a guitar and some those progressive song books so i started going through them, but what got me into rock was hearing that dirty guitar sound of voodoo child, and the voice of jimi hendrix, and what kept me into it was led zeppelin I
I was at class 7 when i was doing my homework and listening to a cassette (hard rock mix) i heard the double bass of lars which was followed by the guitars......that moment for me was really awesome>>>And inspired me to play drums....
Alex Lifeson. And Clapton too. Geddy Lee makes me want to play bass, but i don't have time to learn 2 instruments right now
-Eric Clapton just because of his brilliant style in Cream and his solo work.
-Eddie Van Halen as he is just a fantastic player all around
-Mike McCready & Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam) because of the music they came out with just being amazing, both the lead and rhythm sounds amazing & fits perfectly!
My dad, and a little bit of everything got me into guitar. The 80's shred and great beats just got me pumping. Listening to it wasn't enough....I just had to learn.
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AC/DC threw and threw. I loved thunderstruck its sounded so kool. and the let thier be rock solo was kool. For guitarists i like Angus Young, Slash Eddie Van Halen and Malcolm Young they really got me off my ass and into guitar
for those about to rock... we salute you
i would have to say that i picked up a guitar because my dad played in a cover band for years, but the guitarist who has influenced me the most is Randy Rhoads, i absolutely love the music he played and everytime i hear one of his songs it makes me want to play more.....
back in black!! and sweet child o mine are the 2 mains songs that made me wanna learn
Keith Richards' coolness made me wanna play guitar. Creedence inspired me to write songs. Spinal Tap made me want to join a band.
Deep Purple make me grew hair, so I could bang them to their music, and taught me to sing loud, and that keyboards ARE an important rock instrument.

Pink Floyd made me write lyrics, helped me understand the world, and how to mellow and experiment

The Rolling Stones brought me some bluesy rock'n'roll!
Guns 'n Roses.-Slash ultimately created a burning desire in me to need to play guitar.
AC/DC got me into rock in the first place... Then Led Zeppelin, Sabbath, Motorhead..... and then it went from there...
Funeral of Hearts, the acoustic solo done by Ville Valo. Then, The River by Good Charlotte - which is actually because of the participation of Syn and Matt, then Seize The Day and other A7X songs, then Metallica, and so on.
Don't wanna date myself here,but, definitely Elvis and the Beatles were my first influence to get into music,most notably rock music. But when I first heard BTO's Takin' Care of Business intro,then the solo, that's when I asked Santa to bring me a Guitar.
Then,EVeRYThIng fel into place!!
So many...
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Deep Purple
Te Beatles
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