I'm looking for the best Soft synth for strings. All the ones ive used sound bad.

What are some good ones?
Oh, and they dont have to be free ones either.

If you want quality, shell out for the East-West Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition. I use it, superb section and solo strings and brass/orchestral percussion as well.
I've had 3 instances running with 4-5 instruments on each easily. CPU load is minimal, and the DFD streaming keeps RAM usage down, but you still need a large quantity of RAM to run it. I have 1GB, and it fills up fast. The intstruments range in size from 30-200mb each.
DSK Strings

Are free, and sound ok.... the latter sounds more like a single cello whereas you can get more kinda ensemble sounds with the DSK one. I don't have any experience with commercial ones, I'm cheap
^^ But you can run it ok with 1GB ? Because that's what I'm currently using.
There is poetry in despair.
I meant Mr Pillow, but cheers. I'm going to check the ones out you mentioned anyway because, as you say, what could it hurt seeing as they are free.
There is poetry in despair.
I run on a 1GB comp sometimes. Youre limited to about 5-8 instruments at once, but otherwise it works fine.