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69 64%
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Voters: 107.
I prefer Whammy over hard-tail because my OFR is of great quality and I can return to perfect pitch everytime I do a dive-bomb or something. It's a great life-saver for when you're improvising a solo and your brain craps out on you, all you need to do is a mini run, a bend then a dive bomb to top it off to wow the crowd.
hardtail, minimal tuning issues, simpler re-stringing process, and I can hardly use a whammy other than dive bombs.
I prefer hardtail. I feel a loss of sustain when playing with many whammies. Hardtails I find to be more comfortable since I often let my palm settle behind the bridge. But cons outweigh the pros with whammy bars since I rarely put them to use and I'm not very proficient with them.
If I am playing slide, hardtail. If not, then I play my "Strat" because I like to vibrato on harmonics and chords.
as of now i have no use for a whammy so i prefer hardtail. plus its easier for me since i change tunings alot
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Quote by The Minorthreat
I can't believe people would actually choose the Hard-tail over a OFR.

I would actually have a bigsby over an OFR.
i had my whammy taken out and replaced with a hard tail because i couldnt stand the maintenance.
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Quote by The Minorthreat
I can't believe people would actually choose the Hard-tail over a OFR.

i dunno, i have heaps of fun with my OFR but at the same time i'd really love the convenience of a hard tail and for the most part i dont need an OFR...

two guitars ftw!
I actually have a floating trapeze style tail piece. I feel excluded.
When I'm jamming all in my tuning and **** I love having my Rose. But as soon as I break a string it's, SH1T I need a ****ing hardtail.

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I prefer the feel of a blocked floyd over a hardtail. The only thing I don't like is intonating anything with floyds.
Third option: traditional tremolo.

Whammy units like the Floyd Rose are okay to **** around with, but they impeed far too much on the tone for my liking. Hard tail bridges I find awkward - I'd rather got with a tune-o-matic and stopbar combo. Vintage style trem unit though is the best of both worlds. With a little tweaking you can dive as much as you'd ever need to (will requir more force than a dive on a FR would, but it's usable), you can bring it up about a full step, or you can just leave it be and it barely effects the tone at all, unlike a full whammy bridge.
This kind of fixed bridge:

Although my guitar has a vintage-style trem, I never use it. I like the way it feels when I rest my palm on it, and a hardtail version of the same bridge would result in better tuning stability.

I really don't like locking types because they're so ****ing hard to set up, and pointless if you never use them.
I prefer Tune-O-Matic over both

Mind you, I may change my mind if I end getting a guitar with a Floyd and love it. But Tune-O-Matic is better for me because it holds tune very well, and is easier to change strings on than hard-tail.
It depends on what guitar I'm playing, LP - Hardtail, Strat - Whammy. It feels strange to play a Strat without a whammy and even more strange to play a LP with one. So I guess it's all about the guitar I'm playing.
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Hardtail. Better sustain, better overal tone, much easier to switch to different tunings, less chance of breaking a string, less chance of the strings popping out at the bridge, easier to tune, no hassle with allen wrenches, etc etc. And if you have a decent nut you'll usually have better tuning stability then you'll have with a floyd rose (unless it's a good OFR, but most floyds are LFR that detune a bit when you dive, pull up, or bend.)
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I'm in the middle of the road. I like both. when playing through an amp, there isn't any tonal or sustain issues. I think that's just general BS. and the floyd troubles are often brought on by people thinking they can just jack the thing up and down all day as hard as they can, and wonder why it went out of tune, or a string broke. give me a break.

I NEVER have to tune up my floyd guitar. that's the main reason it's the first one I pick up. sometimes I may have to fine tune just a tad because I'm anal, but that's it.

but they both have pros and cons overall. that's why I have both styles.
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Hardtail because I generally focus on rhythm playing and a tune-o-matic bridge gives me better palm muting capabilities.
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Whammy. I don't like changing strings on a hard tail.

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I keep hearing something about a "dive bomb." What IS a dive bomb, and how can I do one?
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I keep hearing something about a "dive bomb." What IS a dive bomb, and how can I do one?

Youtube it.
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I've never owned a floyd so maybe I can't answer this poll correctly. I've played a floyd before, and it was pretty amusing wanking around with it, but other than that I felt like it was a mere novelty. I'm not saying you can't do anything with a floyd, it's just that I don't feel like I would use it that much. Plus it's a bitch to tune.
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if i could afford an OFR id love it, but for me, with no money in my wallet ever, hardtail is for me (maybe i should get a job??? )
I like the Strat style trems. I usually only do vibrato with it, which I do A LOT. Whenever I play my SGs now, I find myself grabbing the non-existent whammy bar to do some crazy vibrato with. I dive occasionally, which doesn't whack it too much out of tune. Floyds are just too much work, though.
i like both, but i feel awkward if my guitar doesn't have a tremolo of some sort on it, if i'm doing a bend i like to be able to use it for vibrato and some occasional divebombs.
I like hardtails better because i change tunnings a lot and its easier to restring. One thing about floyd roses is when u use it and the chord comes right back into perfect pitch. Like some dimebag stuff. thats the only thing i like about whammy bars and stuff.
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Whammy's are great, and if used properly can provide alot of cool effects.
However, a bad whammy is very bad. I had a Hondo guitar with a terrible tremolo and it was a pain because it kept going out of tune.
If your looking to buy one, and its in the budget, I would recommend a Floyd Rose style tremolo
Whammy is good for versatality and if you have a FR then it helps with tuning, unless one string is totally out of tune. Then its a bitch to unscrew the locking nut to keep tuning.

Hard-tail is better for sustain, and is easier to re-string.