i just started learning the guitar, i have a Epiphone G400 and a Roland MC. One thing i noticed is that when i strike the 5th and the 6th (the two thickest) on an open chord there seems to be a very faint ringing buzzing sound coming from the guitar (near the neck). its the same sound when you strike a string with improper finger placement on the fret, that ringing and buzzing noise, but im not using any fingers at all! its open!

is this my guitars problem? i thought i should be hearing a clear and crisp sound. the problem is minute on the 6th string but really obvious on the 5th.

thanx in advnace
Since you just started learning you may want to take it to a professional at your nearest guitar shop because it sounds like you may need the truss bar adjusted or your action raised. By there's also the possibility that it's the strings ringing if it's a fairly new set.
Sometimes they do, but like the other dude said, take it to a pro.