Just got my new Epi Les Paul Custom, and i want to like pimp out my old Yamaha, so what should i do? I was thinking a new paint job, possible a new bridge, and some new pickups. Any ideas?

EDIT: Im painting it like a frankenstrat, so any ideas for anything else? What kind of spray paint should i use(obviously high gloss but anything specific) and what kind of clear coat should i use?

it looks like that as of right now
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What does your Pacifica do that you want to fix? It could be as simple as a new pick guard, or useful as locking tuners.
lol i thought about smashing it but its not worth it...
its not a bad guitar (well ya it is) i just want to make it look nice and sound a bit better...
Make a eddie van halen replica
type into youtube how to paint a frankenstrat!!
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Make a eddie van halen replica
type into youtube how to paint a frankenstrat!!

well i was thinking about doing that too
Im going to make a red white and black one what kind of spraypaint should i use?
use i think its called krylon
Our somethin like that
our just go to a hardware store and ask em wat type u should use get black white and clear
a mettalic version of the design would be cool
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How original a guitar painted like EVH.

+1 please dont do an EVH guitar. Its done way too much. Maybe change the hardware and whatnot. Just make it something you like. I guess that you could do an EVH but I personally wouldn't.
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I'm doing the same type thing, only I have a Squier Strat with an SSS setup and one less fret. I'm going to buy a black HSS pickguard (NOT SSS!) and black knobs and black plastic hardware and stuff, switch my bridge single coil for a GFS (or whatever they're called) humbucker, and repaint the body, and maybe later route the body for a Floyd Rose and get a neck with a maple fretboard. I'm painting mine the red-white-black way as opposed to the black/white. Someone recommended using Krylon spray paint because it's cheap, or car spray paint. Use 600 grit sandpaper to sand the paint of the body, and voila. Only difference with mine is that I'm going to make it look nice as opposed to all the marks and stuff on the real frankenstrat.
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