hey im chase, and im in a giging band in katy texas, and i have a Line 6, 120 watt spider 3 amp, that i would usually just mike at shows and it wouldn`t be that big of a deal, but im tired of it. It sounds horrible and feedback is just plain stupid. I need a new amp around 500-600 dollars (tubed would be nice) that is really good for metal, and that is loud enough for small venues. If you know any amps I Should look into, pleese let me know : )

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Search used listings first, if you can find a used Mesa or Peavey 5150/6505 they would be a good value if you can make a deal. Try before you buy.

If used isn't promising. Bring your effects and guitar(s) to a decent store and I would say try these among others that will be listed by others.

B-52 AT-112 60-Watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp - I have not tried this amp but it is in the price range and I have seen it recommended so make your own opinion.
Peavey Classic 30/112 Tube Combo Amp This amp won't do metal without an effect - but worth a try as a good tube amp.
Peavey ValveKing 212 Combo Amp = A utility tube amp in the range you should try and test. Its a good amp, I liked it for metal so try it. Others are better in my opinion.
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40W 1x12" Combo Amp - If you like clear cleans and a texas blues sound behind a decent guitar great, this is not a metal amp. Plug into it just for grins.

That's my opinion, I could be wrong. Check out the stickies regarding the tube amps, there is a lot of great information there.

And if this is Hatebreeder pulling my chain. I will find you.
Randall RG50TC

or used peavey 5150/6505

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