I have recently purchased a Carvin MTS3200 head off eBay for $600(Aus) and was wondering which cab i should buy for it?
I've been looking at the Marshall 1960a (hasnt everyone) and thats the only real cab i know about. Any suggestions for me to try out would be great. I plan to buy second hand.

mesa boogies are quite good from what i hear

if u are lof on cash though i would suggest looking at behringer BG412s, i got one of those currently and its a solid amp in volume and tone... the wheels suck though
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I dont have the money for a Boogie and from what i hear Behringers are fragile.
Keep looking into the 1960a if possible. Also, maybe try checking out the Randal Ra412xc.
The Behringer cabs are alright with a speaker change though from what I've experienced.
marshall or maybe orange just keep ebay-ing it man thats what i did
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Yeah thats the way i was going
But sometimes you have to wait awhile for a good deal and well my quadbox is gone so i can't play it!
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Orange is good, as long as your amp can run at 16 Ohms, because that's what they do their cabs as.
Orange are Excellent but very expensive
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Anything with V30's/Greenback.


Winnar. They have awesome deals on the Traditional series.
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Anything with V30's/Greenback.


He's in Australia.

TS, check for used 1960s, Carvin cabs, Orange cabs, or mabye consider building your own. If you're looking at a budget cab, steer clear from Behringer, but try playing a MG412 with a good head.