When i plug my electric guitar into the amp, it makes a low buzzing noise (its not a high feedback sound) and it cant be stopped by anything. Is it the pick ups, the input or the wiring.

1. should i get it rewired?

2. should i get it looked at?

3. what should i do?
what kind of guitar is it?

if it's single coil it could be radio frequency. try turning in a different direction. if it's a cheaper guitar it could be badly shielded.

also theres a chance it could be the cord. try plugging it into the amp but not the guitar. if it's still buzzing when the input isn't making contact with anything it's a bad cord.
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Wiggle the cable jack. Try at your guitar's output first, then at the amp.

Does it stop when you are touching something metal on the guitar?

Try another guitar through the amp.
Try the guitar on a different amp.
Use a different cable.

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i get the same thing most of the time when im around my TV/computer, whether the tv is on or off...
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