the mark of a golden sun is vanishing
I ran into the mist to meet you
I closed my eyes, waiting for the tomorrow
into the whiteness

how deep will run this desesperation?
why the clouds have been removed from the sky?
a sun can't recover it's vitality
will this world go on, believing?

Come back with healing lights, piece of heavenly gold
Take back our sunshine, mark of what I need
after the flood, will something remain?
maybe there's enough time to stop...

the flowers can feel the impact
you've vanished from the into the wind

Give back my rays of light, piece of heavenly gold
Why not you give me again a shining day,
I’m just running into a dark world with out you
Come back with flowering days in this pale spring
if final is comming, will I endure?
if my heart can flower into this deep mist...
Girl hunt
Dear[666]...from ×××
Where did the chorus go? Oh,wait, you're a whiny poet, not a songwriter. No one wants to here a song about your pain, your darkness, or your black eyeliner. Ever.
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I loled
hey!! im not goth or something like that!!
im just squizo
Girl hunt
Dear[666]...from ×××