Well I finally found it, and if youd like, listen to it by clicking on my profile and clicking on "Dying Fetus". If you want to hear the really piercing scream, skip to 1:20...anyways. My question is, now that I have the actual recording, can anyone please help me find out what song it is? Im really anxious to know, thanks in advance! <3 I asked my drummer for the CD and he gave it to me, so I ripped the song but we have no info on what its called.
No prob dude. Make sure you listen to some Skinless now!!!! Wicked live band too if you ever get the chance.
That does actually sound quite a bit like Dying Fetus i must say..
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yeah it kinda does...this is a bit of an older song now...the vocalist is different for them now but he is still very good. I'd recommend checking out Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead