So, of late ive started thinking i want an indivual guitar. Something all my own. And seeing as im HORRIBLE at Manual Arts and the like ive decided to design it and hire a luthier make my creation. I do however understand very little about guitar design. But the question at how is not how little knowledge i posses but i practical one (luckly )

So i want this thing to really be my own. In that sense i want to use materials that are rather exotic. I havent even thaught about the wood ect yet. But i was thinking marble inlays would be a very nice touch (i also thaught marble binding but i dont think marble is terribly felxable so it couldnt be used, correct me if im wrong though) I am aware that marlbe is VERY expensive but could it be done? Or would it weigh down the guitar to much.

Thanks in advance, and ive anyone could suggest an exotic, yet practical tonewood it would be appreicated (be realitstic though, this thing isnt going to be fashioned from the branch of the joshua tree)
marble binding wouldnt work its a rock lol as for the fret inlays might work as for wood what wood is your current guitar and what is it lacking that you want from this one?
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Could i by any chance have normal bindings and then put some how attach marble over the top?
I have an agathis body at the moment. Theres nothing wrong with it per say. I just want a heavier wood that isnt used very commonly.

Give up on the marble idea, it's ridiculous.

As for tonewoods, don't forget that 'common' woods are used because they give great tone. By venturing into random woods, you risk creating a unique guitar with a crappy tone.

There are four 'safe' options really: korina, mahogany, ash, or alder. You really need to describe the tone that you're looking for, as that's going to be the main factor influencing your wood choice. And by 'tone', I don't just mean "TEH METAL".. please give us an idea of what treble, mid, and bass response you want from your wood.
You may want to add one more wood to the list MintSauce provided above...at least I would. That would be maple. You can use maple in one or more of the following situations...for the neck wood, for the fingerboard wood, and my personal favorite is to use some type of figured maple (tiger maple, curly maple, quilted maple) in a bookmatched configuration for the top of the body in combination with mahogany for the back. I also like to make necks laminating 3 pieces of quarter sawn mahogany with 2 pieces of quarter sawn tiger maple to give a skunk stripe effect up the back of the neck. Just thought you'd like to consider some of the many uses for maple in a guitar.
You could use some kind of pearloid or tortoise shell plastic for the binding. It would be kind of marble-ish.

I don't know where you would get that kind of thing, though. Just a thought.
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