I've had my baby for 8 months now, but I'm still playing on my original cheap start-kit Behringer amp. It's almost time to upgrade once I lump up the cash for it, what would you guys suggest me pairing it with? I won't say price isn't a factor, but I am willing to pay for quality seeing as this is probably gonna be my gig amp for the next 5 years. I play mostly rock, prog-rock/nu-prog, alternative, funk-ish stuff; in a four-man group (guitar, keyboard, drums). I've been looking at a few gallien kruger's, but I could use your expert opinions.

Thanks for your help!
I've got a GK backline 112 to go with my stingray, it works pretty well, so I'd recommend one of those for a cool ~$300 it's a solid amp
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i played through my buddies yorkville combo forget jsut what its called its like a 4000y or somehthin lioke that..good solid 400W tube combo.....has a drive switch, a 5 band eq...and looks really cool
i think he payed about $1000 for it...maybe a lil closer to $1400.......not sure...but i played my stinger thru it and it sounded jsut like rage against the machine...when he isnt using effects of coarse...and IMO thats jsut like the best tone there is....particularly in take the power back

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I've got a GK backline 112 to go with my stingray, it works pretty well, so I'd recommend one of those for a cool ~$300 it's a solid amp

I gotta say, Stingers and GKs go together like peanut butter and jelly. But some nice Fender cabs in there and you'll have my old setup!

For what you're playing especially, whatever you do, make sure you try GK. But not JUST GK. Just because I have a favorite doesn't mean I'm going to tell you to forget all the other brands.
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I plan to make a stop into guitar center to screw around a bit. I think I'm leaning on a GK-1001RBII Head Unit, as that seems to be favorable across the board from what I've been reading.

Edit: What are your guys' takes on the GK Neo series vs lets say an rbx. I've read from other reviews people say the Neo is lighter, and carries close if not equal tone as the rbx.
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The Neo series have neodynium speakers, so they'll be lighter and they have a better sound quality compared to normal paper cones. Don't take my word for it though, I'm no expert on speakers.
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Take your stinger along to music shops and try out all the top brands (or as many as you can) such as Ampeg, GK, Hartke, Ashdown, Eden, MarkBass, Fender and Trace Elliot.

I did this and shortlisted it to an Eden WT550 and an Ashdown ABM, I eventually settled on the Ashdown which I do not regret. (I wish I'd bought a Hartke cab though, oh well).
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Stingrays with GK is ok.......... but to me, it always sounds WAY too bright and sterile. I'd recommend balancing your zingy-bright Stingray with a darker or more mid-focused amp, like a Trace Elliot or Ampeg.
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What about MARSHALL? The cheap ass jamming studio I go to has a new amp. Marshall Bass State somethin somethin. It sounded good to me. Anyone know anything about it?
Im thinking of getting it. I know nothing about amps. I've been playing through a 10w Yamaha practice amp for 2 years.
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the GK 700RB-II and 1001RB-II are great heads, the fusion 550 should be coming out here soon so if you can wait id get that if you like a tube sound.

People say the RBX cabs are a bit warmer sounding than the neo and RBH cabs but is capable of getting the punchy RBH sound. Im not sure about the neos. Most people own the 12's and say they are great. I haven't heard anything about the neo 410 yet.

if your going to buy GK gear off the internet buy from these guys, great prices.

as for GK and stingrays being bright, EQ is your best friend.

Ampegs are nice if you like the way ampegs sound. Right now I guess they are being made in Vietnam or something.

from the GK site on the neo series

Portability was not the only factor in the development process. These cabinets were designed with silky-smooth, natural tone in mind. Consistent response from top to bottom, there is plenty of definition in the highs and midrange with more fat low-end than you're likely used to.

the GK tech on the GK message board said he really prefers the neo series over the others
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Indie's right, you need to try out a range of the better manufacturer. But I am also going to concur that I really like the combination of Ashdown and the Stinger. The better GKs were alright, but I really liked the pairing of Ashdown and the bite of the Stinger. Also, if you have the bucks, I loved the combo of a Stinger and a Trace Elliot head.

If you decide to go Ampeg, please try it out. If you are not a big fan of the round sound of Ampeg's then I wouldn't even go there. I happen to love playing my stinger through my Ampeg, but its not everyone's cuppa.
As you can see from my sig I own the 700RB-II head and a NEO 2x12 cab. I love it, versatile, powerful and easy to move.

Although if you're looking at high end amplification then your best bet is to try out everything you can find to really get a feel for what you want.

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