A friend and I recently started playing together and over the past few weeks wrote a couple songs. She's a country singer but I'm not really into the twang too much so we kind of reached a compromised sound. We recorded on an imbedded laptop mic so the quality isn't the best but let me know what you think!

Well....lol...you're right about the recording quality being kinda ****e. But hey, I'll tell you this. The strumming pattern's are really good, and for some reason, when I listen to Leave the Leavin or whatever (closed the window and forgot the name=P ) I can hear a cello or a violin sound layerd over the guitar.

But otherwise, very easy listening, and the female who's singing sounds very uncomfortable singing that low. She's got a wonderful mid range and she should utilize it. Remember, simple melodies make great songs.

Hope it helps and best of luck to ya mate!