Hey all. I'm thinking about buying something so that I can hook my guitar up to my computer. At the same time, I'm on a limited budget. What I want to be able to do is play and record guitar, and be able to add effects or turn my computer into an amp. I've been doing a bit of googling trying to find equipment for this, and I need some help. From what I understand, I can either get a cord, something like this and just download software to use with it, or I can get a usb interface that comes with software and the whole works, something like this. I'm leaning towards the second option, because it's relatively cheap and it seems like it would work wonderfully for my purposes. If you actually read that whole brick of text and are willing to give me a little feedback on which is better, or other methods of recording, I'd be very appreciative Thanks guys
definently go with the latter option. I use a lexicon omega usb interface, but my use is for micing guitars, drums, etc., although you can still do DI. If you are only considering DI, you might want to check out something like this:


there's also more expensive ones that have more stuff, depending on your budget

edit: ^toneport is also a great option
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All I use is:

Shure SM57 --> Shure XLR to 1/8" adapter --> Audigy2 ZS Mic in --> Adobe Audition 3.0

Mic + cable cost me $110.
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Here's a REALLY cheap way to do it

Speaker Input cable (double ended/jacks) + Headphone adapter for the amp > amp > Mic input on PC. Then, you can download a program called Audacity, or Kristal (both are completely free).
+1 to the lexicon iomega.
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Look around in the riffs and recording part of the site. Theres a sticky with two videos, which are very helpful.