I've been avoiding making a thread for my own band since it's a pretty egotistical thing to do, but now that our ep has been out for a few months and we're playing a lot more shows, it didn't seem too inappropriate...

Link in signature, and if you only listen to a few tracks:
Violent Reality (ultra short intro song)
Controlled Insanity
Drug Justice

and if you're a Razor fan, the live shotgun justice cover, but the recording didn't turn out too great.
EDIT: ****, just watch the shotgun justice video from 4/5/08, quality is alright and there's a pretty decent pit.

and thanks for checking us out.
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niiiiiice. controlled insanity is cool. i like how your vocalist doesnt scream like a bitch. i hate high pitched screaming vocals in metal. id add you but you make my band look like ****.
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