Long story short, it's my bridge pickup. It doesn't produce any sound at all regardless of the 3-position switch selection. So as a quick fix to determine if it was the switch or the pickup, I soldered the proper wire from the bridge pickup to the position on the switch I knew worked, and the pickup still didn't work. In easy terms, i wired both pickups to the same points and the bridge pickup still didn't work.

So now I know that it's the pickup, I'm just not sure what would cause this to happen or even how to fix it. It's the Vendetta in my sig BTW. Right now I'm not exteremely concerned with it if i can't get it fixed because my next upgrade was going to be a set of active pups anyways. It'd just be nice to get this fixed until I get the new pups because it can get quite annoying when you're trying to play heavy and your bridge pup doesn't work. Just doesn't sound the same...

i would have already taken the pup out if I had a new set of strings, but my schedule this week won't allow me to have time to get a new set until next weekend. So I'm just trying to figure out some possibilities for when i do get a new set so it will hopefully be an easy fix.

Any advice?
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