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No just waaait.
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...long up your hairs?

just wait, like the rest of us.
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I refuse to conform to one of these reply chains.

There is nothing to my knowledge which makes hair grow faster. I know rogaine does something though...
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just wait
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just masturbate.
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What most people don't realise is that most people with long hair look like scruffy losers.

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I believe you mean decrease it;s grow time, and no the only way is to wait. There are plenty of myths, but they are only myths.
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Actually, get your hair regularly trimmed, like once a month, you will notice it will grow extremely faster. It took me like a year to get from a short caeser style haircut to 'almost' reach my shoulders. This seemed really slow... So I asked some people and hairdressers, and they all said to regularly trim. I've been doing that about once a month if I can and notice my hair is now about 2 inches past my shoulders all within like 3 months. This is working great, and I don't intend to stop!

As for conditioners and stuff, shampoo regularly, but only use conditioner once every couple days. That's what my sisters says anyways...
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Hey guys gonna long up my hairs… um is there anything (shampoo or that kinda stuff) which will increase my hair’s growing time??
Umm kinda insane question but anyway if there is an advice for me…

Why would you want to increase it?
You like it
keep trimmin it like .000001mm every four weeks. I used to have long hair

You honestly think that this'll make it grow faster?
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Cutting it does cause it to grow faster. Also, the masturbation thing was almost correct, hair grows fast when someone anticipates sex. So, when you're sitting in class keep dreaming about that wank when you get home.
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What most people don't realise is that most people with long hair look like scruffy losers.

Haha true (I did when I had long hair)
Miracle Grow. It won't work but it'll give you something to do while you wait.
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You honestly think that this'll make it grow faster?

It gets rid of split ends which would otherwise snap off.

More than .000001mm but getting it trimmed regularly will make it easier to get long hair.
Perseverance (or however its' spelled) is the key here - after a while (say 6 months or so) it'll just look a bit silly, but a year gives you enough length for it to look pretty solid
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No, just wait, I've been growing mine out from a short haircut since I was thirteen; I'm fifteen - nearly sixteen - and it's on my shoulders. Be patient; just stay sane my imagining the headbanging possibilities ahead of you.
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no, just wat

EDIT: wait*

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That was a different Feb08er that threatened to suck you off
I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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Let it be known that I concur with everything this gentleman says, ever.
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To get my hair long as soon as possible

You said to 'increase growing time'. That means you want to increase the amount of time it takes to grow. You should have said 'To increase growing speed' or 'to decrease growing time'.
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wait it out.
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oh yeah
If it outs more outwards, thin, trim then grow again. Repeat.

If you don't think it's growing, do that. Waiting won't help.

EDIT: Speed? Keep it healthy. Don't brush too much, use natural shampoo every other day, yep. That should do it.
Listen to more metal!

Just kidding, I used to have long hair. Trimming it regularly helps it look nice but I've read about it and there is pretty much no way to make your hair grow faster. It grows about half an inch a month.
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