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I just saw the Pink Floyd concert video live at Earl's court, and was compelled to post this thread. David Gilmour was really, really spectacular.

The long solos of High Hopes and Comfortable Numb are my favourite solos.

Whats your favourite pink floyd solo?

Sorry, if there has been a similar thread earier.
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well every second of the Pulse version of Comfortably Numb is orgasm but studioversions I think Time is the best
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We must have similar taste in solos. My favourite are High Hopes Live At Earls Court and Comfortably Numb (version on The Delicate Sound Of Thunder).
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How about the Mother solo. A sweet little acoustic riff through the sound and all of a sudden, bado-wado-wada, been-nillu-neh. mmmm gives me goosebumps everytime
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No question Comfortable Numb is the best solo, but they are all so great!
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The best solo has to be the short one at the beggining of wish you were here, Gilmour is genius