Who are you most influenced by? Like just people, celebs, bands anyone you want.

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Ah well, John Frusciante is my hero as well as Tom Morello.
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My dad, certain authors, my self.
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Master Yoda.

They saved my life

(Well, not really...But they're music was enjoyable through a rough patch)
Cliff Burton, Chuck Schuldiner, Metallica in general, AC/DC, a guy I went to school with for a while named David who graduated, my family of course and definitely my friends, Nirvana, Pantera, various books...
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My dad, certain authors, my self.

Oh god I'm not influenced by my dad. I'm going to say, Ayumi Hamasaki.
Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails)
John Petrucci
Jordan Rudess
System of a Down

Among others
Anal ****
Black Sabbath
The Undertaker
Adrian Monk
Bill Maher.
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Oh god I'm not influenced by my dad. I'm going to say, Ayumi Hamasaki.

I don't mind being influenced by my dad... I think he's great.

I'm also influenced by my mther sadly, and she's just crazy, lol.

I think she's the one that gave me my patriotic/socialist scottish side...
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guitar wize prob SRV, Jimi Hendrix and John Mayer

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Kirk hammett made me buy a guitar.
Joe Satriani made me love it.
Beethoven made me buy a piano.
Avril Lavigne made me love it.

Dave Mustaine is my hero, period.
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My dad, Axl Rose, Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Michael Monroe (lead singer of Hanoi Rocks), this guy who used to go to my school who was THE man, James Dean (don't care if he was gay or bi or whatever), Holden Caulfield (yes, I know he's fictional), Iggy Pop, Marlon Brando, Leonardo Di Caprio, John Fogerty, Akira Kurosawa, Thom Yorke, Kim (from the title character of Kim by Rudyard Kipling).

That's all I can think of for now.

Good thread btw
You are like a hurricane
There's calm in your eye.
And I'm gettin' blown away
To somewhere safer
where the feeling stays.
I want to love you but
I'm getting blown away.

A Perfect Circle
Clint Mansell
Symphony X
Dream Theater
Joe Satriani
Breaking Benjamin
Clint Mansell
Jason Becker

Everything else:

My parents
Martin Luther King Jr.
Malcolm X
Allama Iqbal
Maynard Keenan
A ton of religious people
Jason Becker
musically it's John Entwistle and John Paul Jones (i'm a bassist)

as a person (in music) Alice Cooper and Dave Mustaine
My dad, to a lesser extent my mum, friends, other family members.
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It's changed a lot since i started playing.

at first probably

BB King
Gary Moore

after a while i got into metalcore more and more and got inspired by

Adam and Joel from killswitch
Mark Morton and Willie Adler from lamb of god
Dan Jacobs from atreyu
Matt and Corey from trivium

at the moment im listening to a lot of "mathcore" stuff and bands in that general area

Between the buried and me
Protest the hero
The fall of troy
Dillinger escape plan
The Human Abstract

plus some others like

Pat Metheny
Andy Mckee
Blood has been shed
Jimmy eat world
Joe bonamassa

i still listen to all these guys and still enjoy the music, some of them show through in stuff i write, some don't but all of them in some way have affected me musically or inspired me to improve every aspect of my playing.
My Musical attempts

My youtube music channel

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Andy warhol
Lou reed
The police
Sebastien grainger
Benjamin curtis
Stanley kurbick
George a. romero
J.p dunleavy
George bolster
J.r.r tolkien
multicolour random messge!

FAC 13
"The hacienda must be rebuilt"
Satriani, Dime & Slash.
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I wouldn't call it an influence, but an inspiration:
Roei Clain
For long you live and high you fly
But only if you ride the tide
And balanced on the biggest wave
You race toward an early grave.

Ben Hamelech
Picture poooost

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Jimi Hendrix , early Cream, RHCP, and The Fall Of Troy

akjdhkajdhkahsd yeah yeah yeah
Jason Becker.

Nothing to do with his music, well yeah ok his work is freaking awesome, but more so his will to live and continue regardless of his condition.
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