you play the open A string and then slide on to the 8 fret and then pick the 7th fret
ok hit the A string open then put ur finger on like the 6th fret and hit the string and slide up to the 8th, then hit the 7th, doesnt have to be the 6th but just somewhere before teh 8th fret, i think its also done quick so u dont hear the note on the 6th, like hit the string mid slide kind of....i dunno im bad at explaining things....
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First play the open A then put your finger down on a fret ( doesn't matter, 2 is fine just has to be before 8) then pluck the 2 fret and keeping you finger on the fret board and SLIDING it down to the 8 without letting go. But don't pluck the A string when you have it on 8. Then right away play the 7 fret but don't slide to it. To really understand how it sounds listen to the song or find a lesson you tube if still don't get it. Good luck.
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You can also always read theory, Crusade columns are good. And others.
You also can practice for hours, there's nothing wrong with it. Listen to the song many times, it is amazing though. Then try to play it on Cue (if you happen to have a recording studio or etc.).
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Cheers guys for all your help, i can play it just about now

Yeah its a beautiful song some bits are tricky too but when you can play it, its well worth the effort!