This should be an answer to all “Hi I’m new to recording, what should I buy” threads. This thread aims mostly at people who are new to recording, are on a limited budget and who want decent sound quality.


If you’re still a completely n00b in recording and have never done it before, best to try something cheap and simple. I usually go with the M-Audio Jamlab (http://www.zzounds.com/item--MDOJAMLAB) since it is cheap (40$ average retail price) cost-effective and really simple to use. Has a standard Input – Output jacks, which makes the process pretty easy for a starter. It doesn’t come with any particular recording software, so you might want to download Audacity (Freeware Multi-track recording software).

Pros: Cheap, versatile, easy to carry around and simple to use
Cons: Unstable latency, limited functionality

After getting familiar with all the recording process, you might start to notice, that the Jamlab isn’t satisfying enough (But at least it helped you get familiar with the whole recording process, so it’s still recommended to buy it if you are new at recording). This is where the M-Audio Fastrack (http://www.zzounds.com/item--MDOFTRACKPRO) comes in handy. It costs about twice as much as the M-Audio Jamlab, but is worth way more than that. You can record up to 4 tracks at the same time, including midi tracks, and the sound quality is just awesome (added 24-bit/96kHz compatibility)

After a while you might want to try new software such as Cakewalk Sonar, which is the one I’m currently using (upgraded from Home Edition to Producer Edition).

Hope this thread helped and gave you a general idea of what to start with.
which is all fine and dandy if all you want to do is record the clean, un eq'ed sound of your guitar without the amp into your computer. I would add some things about mics, running into small mixers and then into a soundcard, as opposed to a pure digital link, which won't sound as good.
In my country, i live so deep in the "woods" that i dont have any recording possibilities.
That's f***ing frustrating.