I own a Iceman IC400, and i have stock pickups in it (ibanez AH1 and AH2) and i want to maintain the same kind of sound, just a higher quality. so i was wondering would EMG's (81's and 85's or 81's and 60's) do the job? and would i have to make room for the battery? or would passives sound better?

kind of everything, i would use it for like an AC/DC sound. i didnt think i phrased my question right, but i like the sound i can get thru it, but it just could be better. i can get any tone i want and its reasonable, and i like EMG's , my friends guitar has them. i want a better AC/DC kind of tone basically.
I'd recommend staying away from EMG's then. EMG's can work really well for what they're aimed to do, but you have to be primarily a metal player, have a nice tube amp that you can really crank at all hours of the day, and not worry about clean tones. If this is the first time you're changing pickups, Seymour Duncan has a couple sets of pickups, and one of them is the JB/Jazz set. I reccommend those for a great all-around sound.
alright, i didnt know much abt EMGs, thats why i asked. I assumed they would have a thicker sound. the AH's i have are to "thin" if you will. it sounds a little generic. what would you recommend then for an AC/DC like tone. or like that classic rock sound. i mostly play classic-like rock and blues. and some metal. but i wanted a thicker sound mostly, and when i hear AC/DC i think "thats thick and beautiful".

i play this through a Fender White Lightning Deluxe . if that helps you.
alright that looks, good im checkin out seymour duncans website now, the SH-14 or the JB/Jazz set looks pretty cool. so thanks for the help