I know I'm ripping this off but, here it goes.

You wake up to the sound of your dog. You look over to the clock to see that it reads 4:32 A.M. What the hell! You get up to see whats wrong only to see a talking bunny with the voice of Barry White humping your dog. Do you:

A. Kick the bunny off sending it flying.

B. Capture it so you can use its sexy voice to seduce women.

C. Just ignore it and go back to sleep.

I think there is enough of these.

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a new one should be made when the previous one dies or gets really boring, which i don't think any have yet

I decree this one not as good as preteen, but slightly better than the average joe one (but only after the whole 3 weeks later thing), but preteen is starting to get boring also, so maybe this is in with a chance

edit: oh and b, btw. lets get some sexytime

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Alright, B it is.

You run to grab the bunny, only to see that it runs off out of the house and jumps into a car with Mr. T, Martha Stewart, and Dave Mustaine and speeds off. you notice it is still 4:00 in the f**king morning. Curiosity is overtaking your judgement. Do you:

A. hurry into your car where you plan to ensue in a high speed car chase.
B. Go back to sleep.
C. Use your Gypsie tears to fly and catch up with them.
Option D: Hire a new fuckin' writer.
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You use your force lightening to zap the damn bunnys car. The car flies forward an lands in the gutter. The bunny lies in a pool of blood, and starts swearing at you.
You get pissed and zap the bunny again. The bunny explodes and suddenly zombies sourround you.

A. Fry the zombies
B. Zap the bunny again. Just 'cause.
c. Lie down and cry.