Ok right now ive got a piece of crap 10 watt amp for my guitar..and i want to get a new one. So any ideas what is a decent wattage so it soudns really good, and a decent price..i don't want to spend too much. Any suggestions?
You should go post this in the guitar gear forum. You'd get better answers there. But just stay away from Spiders and MGs.
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depends what you will be using it for really
wouldnt go any higher than 50 - 100 watts unless you are gonna be gigging with it
will just say dont only look at the common companies like marshall and fender, there are some really good amps out there for a decent price.
I can recomend the Vox valvetronix series and I heard cornford are making some cheaper amps now, as they are using PCB's rather than hand building them
crate make some good amps as well.
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