Hey UG,

couldn't help but share praise for this band. An amazing prog rock band in the style of Porcupine Tree these guys have blown my mind with great soundscapes and experimental sounds. I hope to find and buy some more of these guys stuff but have a listen to the free tracks on the progarchives.com and let me know what you think.

you may also like a band called pure reason revolution, i think you can get a few free listens off last.fm as well as myspace. These sorts of bands really inspire me to follow in their footsteps and make a melancholic sounding prog rock band.
Pure Reason Revolution were good, have their 'Apprentice of the universe' single from a few years back, haven't heard of Pineapple Thief though so will have to do a search later.
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just bought the pineapple thief's latest album "tightly unwound" and may i just say that is fantastic.