I find it weird that its snowing where i live... in Olathe kansas. Not very heavily but still. Thought id share that... lol
i live in Northern Indiana, like so far north i can almost see michigan from my front yard. Its supposed to snow a bit tonight and quite a bit on sunday.
the really weird part is that yesterday i wore shorts and a tshirt.

edit: quailMan, your avatar is a picture of a duck....... you should probably get a picture of a quail......... since you're quailman.
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its so good to be back!
where i live, we will never, ever, get snow
some people probably dont even know what snow IS
=(, sucks, one day i plan to live in cold weather
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That sucks man. If it snows here ONE more time I will go crazy. We've had some nice days lately and it better not snow again until next november.
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.
lol i live in canada but its good now because all the snow has melted :3 but if the snow is bothering you, just click your heels 3 times and say theres no place with snow
Lucky, at least its not like Arizona where fire is falling from the sky in the winter.
Ughh, still got about 8-10 feet of snow in some places on my lawn....and thats after a nice melting period....

I still love living here though
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its snowed here last night/this mornign in

omaha, nebraska...

then again that shoudlnt be suprising as thats not all that far away from olathe
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