Found another thread on this but it amounted to some kids slagging each other off...

Anyone else slightly excited by it? On the surface just looks like yet another multi FX box - but has an FX loop which is movable in the signal chain (so 4CM is possible), true bypass (absolute godsend if connecting to a quality amp) and a looper. WYSIWYG interface too which is nice.

Does seem expensive at over twice the price of the ME-50 especially considering it doesn't have an onboard expression pedal - if they are high quality sounds then it'll be worth it I guess. I think the current Line6 stompbox modelers are fairly well regarded (especially the green delay one)?

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Like I said in the other thread(s?) that were completely fine so that you wouldn't have needed to make a new one, it really depends on how good the effects are. It might be worth the price, but then again there's a TC Electronics Nova System which is around that price I believe, and if you can judge it at all from how the G-series work... well, it might be pretty damn tough to beat the Nova System.

Time will tell, but I believe it'll be pretty rare since it costs so much. If the effects are great, it would be pretty damn good if you have a lot of money.
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