I'm fairly new to playin guitar, I only just started this past Christmas. Right now I'm trying to learn Sweating Bullets by Megadeth through a tab. I've got the intro and the verse rhythm down easily enough, but the chorus is confusing me. It's got me in other songs too:


What do the "b"s mean? I'd have to assume Bend, but how would I do, say, the first note?


I know the ~ is vibrato of course, but yeah, please give me a pointer.
pick 12 and 15 at same time, then bend the 15th while leaving the 12th ringing
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is it not called "double stops" or sumthing
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Quote by ineedrock1204
pick 12 and 15 at same time, then bend the 15th while leaving the 12th ringing

yeah. the 15-17 thing means that you bend the 15th fret to the note that the 17th has, which is a full bend
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Notice how it's "15b17~, 14b16" etc. That means you have to bend the string at the 15th fret so that it's pitch rises up to the pitch of the note at that fret (17th). If you've just started though you might just want to work on 1 fret (a. k. a. semi-tone, half-step) bends to get comfortable with it, if you haven't already. Look up some lessons on Youtube about it, I can't think of any good ones right now...
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