hi i have been a guitarist for a long time but have recently started singing...this song is called car crash by matt nathanson..most of u have probably not heard of him but i would greatly appreciate if you could tell me what u think of my cover and any improvements i can make..i know the guitar tone is terrible its plugged straight into my computer but i was mostly looking for crits on the singing..you crit mine ill crit yours

thanks alot

the song is in my profile
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Pretty good. The high's were just right. (not too high, not high enough) You sound like you know what you're doing.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
I would never have guessed that you didn't have experience with singing. Your voice is different from a lot of what's out there right now, but in a good way, I'd say. Keep it up.
hi everyone thanks alot for your responses..i really appreciate it..is there maybe anything i can improve on? or anyone who would like songs of their own critted?
I've done the same thing recently, I've played the guitar for a while, but I've started singing a bit.

I really like the "tone" of your voice. As someone already said, its different, but in a good, unique way.

With a bit of practice hitting high notes and everything you could be a great singer.

C4C? If you have the time, follow the link on YouTube, and leave a comment on the thread and the video.

Thanks in advance,
ok guys i just redid the entire cover including the guitar..its in my profile and says updated..i know i kinda messed up the pitch of my singin in one part but i did several takes and did not want to redo the entire thing for one minor error..in my opinion though this one is much better than the first..give it a listen and let me know what ya think..ill crit yalls too if ya want
I don't like the tone of your voice at all. Tone is subjective though. As far as the singing goes, you have some potential with a good concerted effort to practice.
well thanks for the crit man ^...im sorry you dont like my tone..i think my voice might fit certain types of music better than others but maybe it just doesnt appeal to u..is there anything i can improve on? or songs that might fit my singing well?
Well, I think your niche would be indie/pop-punk. Can't really give you any pointers on songs to sing because of the fact that I hate that music. ;P

My pointer would be to stop singing from your nose and throat, that is where the whiney tone comes from. You're singing from behind your nose/roof of your mouth(it's a technique country singers use to get that twang). Sing from your chest! Boom that **** out!
hey man thanks a lot...i really appreciate some constructive criticism..ill work on that an try to sing more from my chest..i like all kinds of music..from metal to accoustic rock, so im sure i can find a style my voice will fit well with..anything ya would like me to crit?