I think this a good spot for this (if not i'll post elsewhere)

But i'm sure lots of people at UG have a band or at least guys they jam with every once in a while. What does the age group normally consist of?
My band varies with me being the youngest at turning 20 this year and ranging to the age of 25
im 17. im jammed with guys and gals from 14 to 24. age really isnt important with jams. with bands, older is not terribly prefered, 18 is alright, 19 accepted
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my usual rule is 21+ (it can be difficult getting gigs with underage members) and other than that I don't care, I've been in bands with people in their 50s. Once you get out of high school age becomes a lot less important.
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I used to play with this 40 year old guy who worked for my dad. Best guitarist I ever had in a band.
I'm 14 and I jammed with a 40 year old virtuoso today. I was ****ting myself, and my dad said he would be doing likewise.
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We have a Friday night jam after work. Anyone is welcome. Ages range from 18 - 60+
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other guitarist-15
bass-13 or 14, not sure ^^

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My most recent band just broke up, but the ages were like this:
Me (Lead Guitar)- 16
Bassist- 17
Singer/ Rhythm Guitarist- 17
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ive jammed with people in their twenties...but my band consists of 16 year olds with one 15 (like me ):P
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my band mates are all 14-15, and we've been a band for 2 years.
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Though we don't have an official band together, we still compose and cover songs as much as we can, whenever we can.

Vocals - 19
Lead - 21/20 (we find ourselves switching between the two, and omitting both entirely when they're unreachable)
Rhythm (Lead) - 18
Bass - 18
Drums - 18/20 (again they're both just ask flakey as the two above)