What does it mean to be a good girl?
Holding on to your faith, like it's all that you have
But you dont have one drop of faith in you, do you?
You just do it because you're scared.
And all the things they taught you not to touch,
They never said they'd tell you why.
Now all the world's not making sense and you asphyxiate in your own confusion
Believe in love, or surrender to fear?
Dear, you dont even know the one thing that could save you.
Look at the slut laughing on the other side.
Doesn't she seem fine?
Oh dont you wish you were just like her: porcelain skinned, slender figured, sparkling images, fragile rubies
They never show where she's been and where you'll never be.
What good brings a reputation when all it does is keep you buried in,
These things you really, really shouldnt think about.
Choking on your own innocence,
Keeping you suffocated.

Terrors to the seer's eyes are bathing in freedom
Brothers and rapists are breathing
Why aren't you?
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