I have a 5150 II and want to hook it up to a matching 5150 cab and a xxx cab however i'm not sure how. The 5150 has just one input and the xxx has an input and an output and a stereo and mono channel. It says 16 ohms mono 8 ohms stereo. The way I have it now is 5150 head > XXX in. XXX out > 5150 cab. I have my head set to 8 ohms and the xxx cab set to stereo. Is this right because i dont want to mess my amp or one of the cabs up.
Why the hell would you want twice as many mediocre cabs hooked up?

That being said...I'm fairly sure you have it hooked up right.
Doesn't the head have 2 outputs for cabs? If so you can also connect both cabs to the head and set the impendance to 8 ohm (if the cabs are both 16)
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Sell both cabs and buy a used mesa cab. Problem solved.
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