OK, so here's the deal. Im not sure which amp is better for me to buy.

Ibanez TBX65 or (cheaper, combo)
Hartke GT60 (more expesive, halfstack)

PS: Actually, TBX65 has a "bigger brother" TBX150, which was also interesting for me, and its price is roughly the same as Hartke's.
How much do you want to spend and what do you play? They aren't really the best amps available
I'd get the Ibanez TBX65. The Hartke has a terrible cab.
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Both are pretty bad amps, but being from Serbia, I'm not really sure what all's available to you. I honestly don't think it would even be an upgrade to your current amp though.
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Ok, so my budget is roughly 350e. I don't know... we have Peavey in stores, but im not sure about the prices
Can you order from like, Thomann.de? I'm not sure if it works in Serbia. Also, knowing what Peaveys you can get would be nice (Peavey makes pretty good amps). Is there any sort of used market around? Maybe look around for online musician communities in Serbia to see if they have a place where you can sell used gear?
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theres a store that has all Peavey amps... Which one would u recomend? Remember my budget is 350e... :|
The hartke sounds awful. The tbx has goodly distortion, but still sounds as lifeless as any other transistor amp.

EDIT: you should listen to the peavey valveking users on this forum if they should reccomend you one. I have still not tried one, but the valveking is regularily praised on this forum.
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