Is it good? Like good enough that I should choose it when I buy my neck off Warmoth? Or should I just get a straight radius and know I'll like it? I just dunno if I want to change anything on this neck (in comparison to my shreddy neck on my strat - fast as hell, smooth, and thin.) I doubt the stock neck on my strat has this compound thing...

so, is compound radius as awesome as Warmoth thinks it is, or should I just keep it straight all the way through?
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I like mine. I have a Jackson RR1 thats got the compound radius neck, and I dont have any problems with it.

To be honest though, I dont think it makes a HUGE difference. I dont really notice much of a difference until you get higgher up in the fretboard, when the neck gets wider. It's makes it alot easier to play up on the high frets, because the strings are slightly more soaced apart and you dont hit them as much when you dont want to. The necks definitly alot thinner even at the start of it, but I didnt find it alot more useful until up in the higher fret region.

I went from a Les Paul standard neck to this one, by the way. I still find it easy to play on my Les Paul's neck, even though the RR1 and Les Paul have really different necks. Just figured you might be concered with switching back to different necks, and I can still do it fine, It's not an issue for me.
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i have one jackson w/ the compound radius neck and another older jackson that does not. i personally like the older kelly neck better. but the dinky neck plays fine. The DXMG has a reputation for having a less than steller neck, but after playing it for a while its no big deal. i`d say go to a guitar center and play a couple of jacksons and see for your self.
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