Hi, my name is Martin!

This is our band so far:
Dom Craven (No UG) - Bass (He's Been Playing For A Few Years He's Good)
Will Rose (No UG) - Drums (He's Really Good At Improvising! Funny Guy)
Martin Phipps (Me with UG! [rhyming lol]) - Lead Guitar (Draw Your Own Conclusions - Amateur about a year)
Rhythm Guitarist - We have several offers, we're just finalising which one's best trying them out.

We're all about 14/15 anyone around that age who is a good singer is welcome. We play a lot of styles. NO RAP, R'N'B or Hip Hop or any of that poo. lol We're quite flexible, will play joke songs and any type of rock really, but we don't want to play anything too emo. AFI maybe accepted depending upon the quality of the song.

We have already covered:
Prayer Of The Refugee - Rise Against
Pirates - Bullets and Octane
In Too Deep - Sum 41
Best Of You - Foo Fighters
All These Things I Hate - Bullet For My Valentine

We're not too picky if your a boy or girl. You will have your say in the band, as in our original songs and lyrics and stuff. We have only done covers currently, but are writing our own stuff. We like to have fun and currently practise on Mondays afterschool.

Sound good? Comment

Our previous band name was Broken Record, but we can change that about, we don't mind.
O Hai der.
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I was in this band, they're great, so i'm just leaving a testimonial recommending them. They're talented, and friendly, you'll fit in easy, and they're really funny guys. So don't jsut lurk looking at the ad, do something! xxx
Yes, it's a very old username.
hey, i'm 15 as well, i'm at rainham kent, I've been playing guitar for around...3 years and singing for quite a while, obviously longer than i've been playing guitar but only took it seriously 2 years ago. I'm quite talented to be honest [sorry if i come across you as bigheaded, i'm honestly not xD] but yeah. Dunno where in Kent you are but hopefully somewhere nearby.

oh btw -.- i've only got my acoustic on me cause i'm only here for the summer...I've left all my gear in UAE [where i live]