Heey guys,

Todat at band-practice I noticed my soundgear is soooo boring in his looks, its just plain black:P. So I was wondering, and I have read as much as possible on the stikies to see if there is some information about putting mirrors on your guitar but couldnt find one. So here are my questions:

1.-I found some links about people who already done it and it really seemed like it was looked down upon. True of false?

2.-Would it make my guitar go sound balistic if so/or what would change on the sound?

3.-Any tips on how to do it^^?

Thanks ahead
1. Well, you looked up the links, and I think you already answered this question yourself.

2. No.

3. Glue? Score the glass into the shape you want, snap it out in one piece, then create a cool shatter by striking the glass with a blunt object; finally glue the pieces to your guitar.
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Thanks, 1st question was to make sure. As I never heard or saw some guitar players with it except some guitars on the net.
You mean like a mirrored pick guard ?, Many people have done it if you mean that, Or if you mean covering your whole guitar with a broken mirrior? you may want to re-consider...
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don't people rout the top of the guitar/bass to put the broken glass in?
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id say the best way would be like was mentioned above, score a mirror into the shape of your guitar, but before breaking that shaped piece into pieces, stick some painters tape/masking tape to completely cover the back, and then drop the piece of mirror onto the ground so it breaks. because you taped it on the back, all the pieces should still be taped together so you know exactly where each piece goes. then either inlay each piece into the body, or find some sort of epoxy or something to fill in between the pieces.
If you just whack the mirror, afaik, it'll just shatter, mostly, and be wayyyyy too hard to keep together on the top of a guitar. I've seen it done before where every single peice was scored and cracked by hand to make the 'shattered' effect, but while making sure it'll go back together easily. rednwhiteblues' idea might overcome the 'not being able to find all the peices' problem, though.
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I read somewhere Paul Stanley cut himself uncountable times when playing his Iceman covered with broken mirrors.
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I read somewhere Paul Stanley cut himself uncountable times when playing his Iceman covered with broken mirrors.

Lacquer + binding?
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