I thought I would never do it, but I think I'm looking to sell my JEM 7VSBL. Its in amazing condition, Besides, a dent on the back, which is hardly noticeable, since neither you or the audience sees the back of the guitar. I will get a pic. of that soon. I did no make the dent. Someone else did don't worry. :-). I freaked out at first, but then I really realized its not bad at all! Also, in the pictures, the fretboard does not look like that. It is conditioned and all good.

This is an '03, which is much better in my opinion, because it has the Edge-Pro, rather than the Lo-Pro(positive about this). It also has a rosewood fingerboard(correct me if I'm wrong about this one)

Ill take more pictures only if your very interested.

I've seen these guitars sell for 1800$ and up(actually there is one on the bay now for $2275(which is kind of ridiculous) but I am going to ask $1700.


EMAIL ME. I WILL NOT CHECK P.M's. EMAIL: evantaucher@gmail.com
Someone who has the money BUY THIS!
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Nice guitar man.

Too bad it's not white or I'd really consider buying it. Played a newer one a few weeks ago and was amazed by the playability and different sounds you can get out of the thing, awesome guitars.
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Yeah man, I'm being completely honest with you here. When I was saving up to buy a JEM, I was looking to buy the white one (the 7vwh). A guy offered me this one instead, and I didn't like the look of it at first. But man, does this thing look gorgeous in person! The color in photos do not come close to the real color. It sounds exactly the same as the white one. When I asked people to compare the white one to this one on other forums and in real life, they said go with the blue. This one is worth way more than the white ones as well, since it was only made in '02 and '03. Something like 300 of them were made or some figure like that. Send me an email if you have some questions. I can take more pictures for you if you like.
Nice ****ing guitar.
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I probably shouldn't have check this thread out... I've been thinking about buying a Jem and this is the exact Jem I've been wanting, it's by far my favorite. Are you in a hurry to sell it? I may seriously be interested in buying in 2 or 3 months.
P.M. Sent.
I'm not in a hurry at all. In 2-3 months or so, Email me at evantaucher AT Gmail DOT com. I don't check PM's often.
If someone else comes along in the meantime, by all means sell it. You'll most likely be hearing from me when I'm ready.
PM replied to. I've got your email, you'll be hearing from me in a few months if you've still got it.
Thanks. Selling it because I'm really interested in getting a new amp. Right now I'm running through a Crate 65 watt amp. I'm thinking of buying a cheaper prestige and spending 400 on an amp like the valveking.
lol you should trade it for my crate v32 palomino and my s470dxqm lol
My Gear :
LTD Fx400
Ibanez S470dxqm w/Tone Zone
Buz Mcgrath's S7320 w/ emg 707s
Boss Gt-8
EHX Metal Muff with top boost for sale!
Crate V32 palomino for sale !