No, I'M not a cop but I was bored, so here is a story about a cop's weird night on the job. Hope you enjoy and yes I realize its quite long, so if anyone actually spends the time to read this, yay. I was told to repost this here instead of in the pit so I could get some real responses. Thanks

You never can be over prepared, so I like to think, and that's why I always make sure my gun is clean and loaded before I go out. I slid in the magazine and pulled the slide back causing a bullet to rise up into the chamber,ready to fire. I then pressed the release button and the mag slid out into my hand, I quicly grabbed another 9mm bullet out of the box and placed it into the magazine which I then placed back into the gun.

Sure, call me crazy but in Chicago you never know whats going to happen on the job, so like I said I always like to be prepared. It was dark as I walked over to my car, but not to cool. The slight breeze felt calming as it rushed against my skin. I took a moment to stand outside of the car, the breeze was nice compared to the hot muggy air inside the detatchment, I then slipped inside my car and drove off looking for the nearest palce to get a coffee.

Working the night shift, honestly, blows. It messes up your brain, even if you sleep all day you're still tired, which is why I always get a coffee before going anywhere. I found a place soon enough and stepped out of my car to go get a nice cup of coffee. A few minutes later walked out of the place and continued driving until I reached an quiet area where I could park my car.

I was about halfway through my drink when I saw a young girl,in a slightly revealing shirt and short shorts walking down the sidewalk about 20 yards away. A man, who I hadn't seen before, walked was walking towards her. They began talking, I was too far away to hear, plus my window were closed, but I figured the guy was doing pretty well, she was smiling and laughing. This went on for about 3 minutes when the man suddenly kissed her. A little odd sure but she didn't seem to mind, infact her whole body seemed to relax a little, then she slumped down to the ground, but the man in stead of being surprised from the fact that the lady he had just been tongue wrestling with collapsd, knelt down, and began licking her neck.
I took a quick gulp of coffee before slowly opening up my car door, then drew my gun. The young lady now lay twiching and moaning as the man knelt over her, his coat covering he face. This was a little odd, but I've definatly seen weirder in my few years of working here, and with a calm voice I yelled out

"Hey man, what the hell do you think you're doing, get of her, I think she's had enough!"

He quickly shot up and turned, his pupils huge, and blood covering his mouth. Now this, this was something I've never seen before, so I pulled up my gun and yelled "Get the **** on the ground, and put your hands in the air". Like most criminals, he decided to completely disregard what I had said and began walking towards me, after about 5 steps he broke out into a full sprint, so, I shot him.
His shoulder shot back and he stopped running, and looked over the wound on his left shoulder. He then looked at me and grinned, his teeth covered in blood. Eww, creepy. Sure my gun is only a 9mm but most people would be on the ground screaming after being shot, I know from experience, but this guy, he didn't seem too bothered by the fact that I had just shot him, so I fired two more shots into his chest.

He took a step back from the force of the two bullets, then stared up at the sky. Thats when I noticed his skin, it was expanding and contracting all over his body, small rips begain to appear, and right before my eyes, a human sized bat like creature burst through the flesh of what I had though before to be a man. The creature spread its arms, a sticky membrane unfolded between its arms and body.

This is where I really started to freak out, and I don't really care, call me a wuss, but I bet you'd be ****tin your pants if this had happend right infront of you. The creature then screamed and ran towards me. On the first shot I wasn't aiming to kill, but from the look of this thing, I don't think it deserved to live, so I fired two more rounds into the things head, which pitched back from the force of two more bullets. I looked around then jogged over to the thing, which was laying in the middle of the road, I was about 2 feet away when it began thrashing its limbs, so without thinking I fired three more rounds into its stomach which stuck out a bit, like the thing enjoyed to eat and drink, a lot.

Blood erupted from its ruptured gut, and covered the things short fur, enough blood to fill a gallon jug pooled around its body in only seconds, luckily the creature had stopped moving. I dashed back to my car to radio in for someone, because this, was ****in creepy.

I had picked up the radio inside my car when something smashed through the hood of my car, sending the back up about a fot from the ground. My windshield glass cracked, so I lifted both legs and shouted as I kicked it out towards the thing. It fell down to the road on its back struggling to get up, so in the time I had I grabbed the shotgun in the back of my car, then stepped out, not pausing to ask questions, I let out a shot, right into its gut, It had worked before after all, but this ones gut didn't explode into a bloody mess like the other one, but instead just shredded it.

I then remembered the girl who had been walking down the road, just minutes later and ran over to her. She was quite still, but even so this was some messed up ****, so I had the gun aimed at her. One of her arms lashed out faster then I could realize what was happening, and it grabbed onto my legs.
"I'm so hungry!" she screamed and drew her head towards my leg, so, I kicked in the head with my other foot. The results were quite pleasing as she let go of my leg and her body went limp. I quickly drew out a pair of handcuffs, not knowing how long she would be uncounscious for, and put them on her
I was about to get up and head back to my car to try calling for someone to get over here, when i heard a deep voice from behind say "Back up from the girl, and drop the gun".
****, my day keeps getting better and better.
If you guys enjoy this I can post more when I continue writing.
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Its not bad, maybe not perfect , but entertaining at least, despite the grammatical errors.
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that was pretty interesting keep it up
my favorite part
On the first shot I wasn't aiming to kill, but from the look of this thing, I don't think it deserved to live,
Dick+strings= owww
and yelled "Get the **** on the ground, and put your hands in the air"

both together... that'd look awkward

pretty interesting man, it kept my attention *_*
I breathe air.
Some of you might recognize the character that's introduced in this part.. anyway, if you've ACTUALLY read the first part and wanted to read the next here it is, enjoy

“And why in the hell would I do that, so you can jump on back and have my body as an all you can eat buffet, fat ****ing chance” You’re probably thinking, hmm if I was in this position I don’t think I’d wanna piss off that thing standing behind me, but you know what? I really didn’t give a damn, if I was going to die I might as well die like a man. But instead of getting pissed of, he said calmly.

“No I don’t plan on killing you, but I just saw you blast these two poor sods, then kick this poor girl in the head, and I’m not to keen on ending up dead in the middle of the street”. Yeah, he had a good point I guess, maybe I should have waited to see if the first big hairy bastard would continue running then rip out my neck, or stop and we could have a nice conversation on where to get the best coffee, but I doubted the latter would have happened.

“Wait, wait, you just watched me get attacked by these two things”

“vampires” He said with a serous face

“Mmmhmm, vampires, and you didn’t think, hey maybe I should help this guy out, he seems to be in a bit of trouble.”

“Well I did, but considering I would have to explain what the hell just happened to you, I was hoping they might take care of that, no offence” Well at least he was polite. I decided to drop the gun, and slowly I turned around, and almost burst out laughing as I did so. He was about 5’10” and wore one of those big rimmed cowboy hat, a big black leather coat, dark blue jeans and some boots. Oh and did I mention the big staff thing in his left hand and the smaller rod in his right, both of which seemed to be made of wood.

He probably knew what I was thinking as he quickly said something “Look, I’m a very busy man, and I don’t have all night to spend talking to you. You were just attacked by two vampires, yes I said vampires, and you are lucky to be alive, they were young, you’re extremely lucky to be alive.”

Normally I would have laughed and left a lunatic like this alone, but I had just been attacked by two big hairy… vampires, so I figured I might as well listen to what he had to say.

“I should probably just leave you, not get involved with this, but if I don’t do something you’re going to end up dead. The family of these two guys are going to be after their killer, and you won’t want found when they find out you’re the one who killed them. Have you called for backup, or told anyone what’ happened?”

“Nope, didn’t have time between the two blood crazed vampires and this crazy bitch. Though if I had about 5 more seconds there would have been enough cops here to make a major drug bust look like nothing.

“Good, more of them” he said while pointing to the blood covered corpse of the first vampire “will be here in a few minutes to take the bodies and this girl”

“Whoa, we can’t just leave her here, she needs a hospital”

“The second she tastes human blood, she’ll be one of them, and as far as I know there is no way to stop her from the constant calling of blood, we have no choice. Now get in my car before more of them show up wanting revenge.” Not wanting to end up dead, I followed him to his car. Without a word he turned around, before I followed I picked up my shotgun and ran to my car to grab the box of bullets, I jogged for a moment to catch up to him. As we walked, the one light post that was still on between us and his car exploded. I jumped and bit and covered my head but he just continued walking not seeming to notice this as if it happened regularly. We reached his car, a worn old beetle which looked to be decades old and climbed in, me into the front side passengers seat.

“So, uh where are we going, and shouldn’t I phone, someone to at least say what the hell just happened” Slowly he turned to be in the drivers side and said

“What, so you can tell them you were just attacked by two vampires, which you managed to kill, and are now getting a ride from a strangely dressed man back to his house to avoid being killed by the dead vampires families and friends, yeah that’s what I though” he then turned back to the wheel and began driving. I guess he had a point, who would have believed me? I’d probably be on my way to an insane asylum, oh well, as long as I’m getting paid for this what does it matter.

It was even darker then when I first stepped out of the detachment, plus it was really cold now. I wanted to ask the guy to turn on the heat but, he creeped me out a bit so I decided not to say anything. We were driving for about ten minutes when something caught my eye, just for a second, I guess my new best friend had noticed as well and said “hold on” calm, and coolly, then something smashed into the rear door. Glancing at the clock it was 12:01
Great, one minute into the day and its already ****ing ruined.
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If anyone is still reading, hope you enjoy.

I looked back, and luckily the creature hadn’t gotten into the car. I looked over at the drivers seat as he climbed out and said “Hey, uh If we die here, I’d at least like to know your name, I'm Justin”

“Matthew, and my house is three doors up, the one without any lights on, get to it fast” and with that he shut the door which, from the looks of it could have fallen off right then and there. I got out of the car, pistol in my shoulder holster and shotgun in my right hand. I stepped out into almost complete darkness, I could make out Matthews silhouette about 4 yards away, and two things, most likely more vampires 10 yards away from him.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t like a hand.” This guy looked fairly tough, but nearly putting a hole through a door with your body seemed a bit out of matt’s league, but he didn’t want my help and why in the hell would I want to fight two enraged vampires? I started running, faster then I’ve probably ever run before, then heard matt shout and a burst of heat hit my back. Looking over my shoulder I saw matt standing, arms out wide, and two flaming figures running into the shoulders.

I had been through a lot in the past few hours, but who would have thought a crack in the road would be what took me out. As I looked over my should, I felt my foot catch on a crack in the rode and began fell, then blackness.

The first thing I fell when I woke up, was a blinding pain on the side of my head. I opened my eyes but everything was blurry, the effort to do this left me feeling like I’d just run a marathon, and I fell back asleep. I awoke again, this time the pain was bearable and I felt a cold sensation on my head. I slowly raised a hand to my head and felt a cold, damp cloth covering the wound. I then started up only to wobble and fall back onto the couch.

Not being able to move I decided to take a look around at my surroundings. I was in a small room, the only light coming from a candle which barely illuminated the area. There was a small wooden desk which the candle was sitting on, and an extremely old looking phone, on the wall opposite of me. I then reached to my side and felt my gun, good. Having nothing else to do I rolled over and fell asleep almost instantly.

I was awoken by the sound of footsteps, looking over I saw Matthew walk in with a bowl, I then propped my self up against the pillow which my head just moments ago rested on and carefully took the bowl.

“Thanks, ah chicken soup, my favourite” I then began to eat

Matt then proceeded to fill me in on the past events. He spent half an hour talking, but I think I can shorten that up a bit. In short he told me he’s a wizard, yeah I got a few chuckles out of that as well, I was attacked by two young vampires, then we got attacked my two older ones which he set a flame with his “magic”. I then tripped and knocked myself out, laugh, go for it, but it happens to even the best of us. He then picked me up after all was clear and has been taking care of me for the past 16 hours. Matt had phoned the number in my wallet and told HQ that I had been mugged from behind but he luckily had been there and brought me back to his place, he also told them we were old friends, so it didn’t sound quite a weird.

“You’ve got a few days off of work but when you do get back I’d like you to go talk to someone and ask them for a job. Do you know Reta, head of Special Investigations?”

“Uhh yeah, a bit, she’s the one who looks at the really messed up murders and weird goins ons right?”

“Yeah that’s her, ask her for a job with her, she can tell you all about what’s going on, I would but I don’t have time I’ve got to head out. Oh and your cruiser is just outside”

I then got up, still a bit woozy but defiantly better, said thanks and good bye and walked out the door, but not before he gave me a card with his name and number on it.

“phone me when you get the job” he said then closed the door.

Wow what a day, nearly mauled by vampires attacked by some crazy lady, only to be taken out by a intimate piece of sidewalk. Neato
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Excellent. It's really interesting. Keep writing and I'll definitely keep reading.
It's strangely interesting.

I'm just intrigued enough to keep reading each time, you know?
and this moment keeps on movin'
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this is good, keep posting!
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that's going to suck for a while

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Well, not really haha!

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i stopped reading at 'you'd be ****tin your pants'. this isn't a masterpiece. it's written without much thought. the present tense emphasises this. you've just had random ideas spring out about all the random action and written it down in a hurry without thinking properly. i guess it was probably fun to read but this isn't proper story quality here.
also there are spelling/grammar issues everywhere. you need to learn how to present direct speech. you've got places where there's no line break and places where it's in a new paragraph all on it's own.
i might continue reading this.

Yeah I realize there are a lot of spelling and grammar errors, I need someone to read over them before I post them, I read what I think is supposed to be there not what actually is..

I wasn't planning on making this a master piece, more something fun to do, and share with others, hopefully giving them a few minutes of enjoyment.

Glad most of you liked it.
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I would agree that this isn't that well-written.

But by all means keep writing it! Something about it begs me to continue reading.
and this moment keeps on movin'
we were never meant to hold on.
Has nobody noticed that the guy put 2 bullets in his gun before he left which seemed to turn into around 9 when he started shooting. Ammature mistakes
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Quote by tabber666
Has nobody noticed that the guy put 2 bullets in his gun before he left which seemed to turn into around 9 when he started shooting. Ammature mistakes

No, he put 1 bullet in the chamber from a full magazine, and then replaced the bullet that went from the magazine to the chamber. It never said he only had 1 bullet in the magazine before he chambered the first round.
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Whats a Steve Vai? Floyd Rose ripoff?

... wow...
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No, he put 1 bullet in the chamber from a full magazine, and then replaced the bullet that went from the magazine to the chamber. It never said he only had 1 bullet in the magazine before he chambered the first round.

Oh yes, I never thought of that Well my ammature mistake I guess
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Luckily it wasn’t the same car as I had had last night, that thing was probably totaled. It wasn’t my fault though, the damn thing had to land on the hood, not beside the car but right on it, oh well I guess he got what he deserved. I was hungry, and my head was sore, so I decided to get something to eat. There was a Mc Donald’s just down the road. Fast, cheap, crappy food, my favourite. After getting two burgers and a large container of fries, I decided to go home. I had a few days off thanks to my new pal, and I really needed them.

I arrived home without incident, amazing I know. I probably should have stopped by the office to pick up my car, but I just wanted to get back and rest. Read the paper watch some T.V. and enjoy a nice cool beer, and that’s exactly what I did. There was nothing in the paper about last nights crazy adventure, so I guess Mr. wizard was right, the vampires did come to clean up their dead.

It was about 9pm when I finally decided to go to bed, I was exhausted, though I’d only been up for about 5 hours. I crawled under the covers, thoughts of the days past events swirling through my head. Almost instantly I fell asleep, where began dreaming. The dream was very similar to last nights events but, the vampire didn’t die when I shot it, instead it continued running, and bit into my neck, I screamed but only a gurgle came out. Its pitch black eyes, peering into mine as I lay on the ground, paralyzed from fear and pain. I tried to lift my gun but it swatted it away lauching, then bit again. The warm wet feeling of blood trickled down my neck dampening the collar of my shirt. It may have been a dream, but it sure as hell felt real.

I awoke sweat covering my face, not warm though, freezing cold like I’d just shoved my head in bucket of ice. Looking over at the clock I noticed it was only 11pm, then there was a knock on the door.

“You’ve got to be kidding me” I mumbled, then grabbed my gun off of my bedside table and headed downstairs towards the door. I peered though the glass. It was a tall man standing outside, wearing a big black coat and a cowboy hat. “What the hell is he doing here” I said then opened the door.
“Hi what are you do” I started to say, but he cut me off before I could finish.
“Get dressed we have to go, they’re coming for you” he said quickly, no fear was in his voice, only a sense of urgency.
“What do you mean they’re coming for me? Do you mean the flying bats from hell?” I said chuckling.
“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean”
Oh, ****. “Well come inside I’ve gotta get dressed then we can go. Uh, Where are we going by the way…?”
“The church, they wont be able do anything if we can get inside” he said as he stepped inside. My house isn’t very impressive, small but roomy, as I like to put it. I have all I need, a fridge, stove, T.V. and all the other things most people have, the only difference being my stuff wasn’t very nice, mostly second hand things I found. majority of the money I get from my job goes straight to the bank, I’m saving up for a place on a lake up north. Fishing and drinking beer, that’s how I want to spend the last 20 years of my life.

I ran up the stairs into my bedroom where I put on a pair of blue jeans and a green T-shirt, I then ran back downstairs grabbed my coat and holstered my gun.
“Alright, lets do this”
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Maybe it would have been a better idea to go through the back door. Bullets erupted from a black car parked on the side of the road about twenty yards away as we stepped onto the porch.
I’ve been close to death, more then once. This job is dangerous especially in Chicago, but I’d never thought I’d be killed on my own doorstep.

Matt muttered something then pushed me, hard with his right hand. I fell forward onto the ground, the second time today and covered my head with my hands, what else was I supposed to do? The sound of gunfire stopped, then I heard screeching tires. I looked left to see matt laying on the ground next to me already starting to get up.

“I hope you don’t take this the wrong way or anything, I’m quite grateful, but how the **** our we still alive?!” I shouted still trembling
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, lets get going they’ll be back soon when they realize we’re not dead”. He then stood up and started a quick walk towards his car. It had already been in bad shape, and my would be assassins seemingly bad aim didn’t help. The car now had one less back window then before and had a few more holes then when he first came here, I think.

I was alive but If I didn’t get moving I wouldn’t be much longer, I jogged to catch up to him and we both got into the car.
“So…how did these lovely creatures find out where I live, I don’t recall leaving a note behind with my name and address when I klled their buddies.” I said with an over cheerful voice.
“They probably have someone working for them in the police force”
“How would that work, I thought vampires couldn’t stand the light, right?”
“For the most part, there are some which can, but I don’t think it’d be one of them in the force, they probably just have a regular guy working there and pay him more then you’ll make in a lifetime.”

About 15 more minutes past before we reached the church. We could have gotten there sooner but we took a few detours just to make sure we weren’t being followed. The car pulled into the parking lot, I could see a few lights on in the church still, good, wouldn’t want to be stuck out here with gunmen and blood crazed vampires coming after me.
“Stay in the car, I think we were followed” Matt said as he stepped out of the car, water balloon in hand.
“What’s with the wate-“ I began to say, but was interrupted by something smashing through my door’s window.

Instinctively I reached for my gun, I then glanced to my right to see a skeletal hand grabbing onto the car door, and, with seemingly little effort, ripped it right off. What stood on the other side of the car was something I’d only ever seen in R rated movies. It looked as if this guy had gotten tired of sitting in a coffin after about a month of rotting and climbed out, then found a nice black hooded robe and came after me. Ha, how cliché

I fired 5 shots right into its gut, hoping for the same fantastic results as last time, but to my dismay, it stumbled back, let out a raspy cry probably more of anger then pain, and came flying back full speed. It was about two feet from me when a bright pink water balloon smacked into the center of its face. This time it let out a high pitched shriek and fell back to the ground. The water inside sure as hell did some damaged, half of the creature’s face melted away into an awful smelling smoke.

The skeletal creature recovered quite quickly, rising to its feet and began to almost glide across the street into a dark alley.
“Come on, let’s go we almost got it.” I shouted, but Matt just shook his head.
“They’re probably waiting in there, if we go into that alley, we’re as good as dead” he said, then turned and began jogging towards the church.
“Cmon, lets go” he shouted halfway to the door.
I got out of car, no need to open the door, I thought a grin making its way onto my face, and ran to catch up.
“What about you’re car, you’re just going to leave it there” I said once I caught up to him. He gave me a weird look and said
“Who in there right mind would steal that piece of ****”
Mm, he had a point, I thought as we entered the church.
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Trust me on this. Once you have posted a hundred pages of this story, you will have improved tremendously. Your voice will improve the more you write. I'm not gonna lie and say this is amazing stuff but keep going. We all just gottta keep going

love is a dog from hell.

Keeeeppp Poooooosstinngggggg
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haha yeah that should work

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More? Come on I just read it all again and ejoyed it a second time. You have a decent story line and I gotta say i enjoy it.

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What happened to this thread, i was enjoying the story?

dude, just DON'T bump ancient threads in this forum that have plenty of replies.
something that had no attention would be fine,
but this just steals space away from current pieces.


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