My first lyrics post. I might post the music on my profile later, if it's worth posting.

Can't Explain It In A Letter

The sun won't stay
The clouds stay gray
The tide moves in
I'm lost again.

Words left unsaid
Forgiveness left unfed
I'm led to love's graveside
I presume it's died

You can't explain this in a letter
You can't expect me to understand
I don't know why, you had to say goodbye
But you can't explain it in a letter

Your letter said
The feeling's dead
Your breath left behind
Hurt I'll only find

Heard another rumor
I wish I'd met you sooner
Give me more time to heal
Love I want to feel

Sleep won't sing it's song
Happiness is left and gone
Another day to heal
Another pain to kill

I seem to recognize
The face behind your eyes
I don't want to miss
Your fleeting kiss
Peace, love, happiness, and rock n' roll.
(But mostly love.)