Alright, well, I have a Jackson JS1 dinky, the older model, and I have been planning to replace the humbuckers for awhile now.

I was thinking of going with Seymour Duncan pickups, but they're kinda pricey,

SO I need to know some other types that have a good sound, and aren't horribly expensive.
how much are the duncans you want? from what ive seen they seem to be priced pretty well. id recomend the Jb humbucker for the bridge though, and its only 75$, and i dont think ive ever seen pickups much cheaper than that really before.
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why would you want to take cheap pickups out of a guitar and replace them with other cheap pickups? spend the money for the duncans. their price ain't bad either.
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ive heard good things about GFS pickups...but ive never actually heard them. so..?
And btw, I agree with regulador34, why replace your pickups with other cheap pickups? Just spend the money.