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I have bought myself an American Strat Deluxe and although it feels very comfy I don't really like the way it sounds. It just doesn't have that sustain and substance that I want when I play the blues. I remember when I was 16 I bought myself an Epiphone LP Standard and a simple crate amp for all the money that I had. After a couple of days I returned it to the store because it didn't sound all that great.
So I am wondering does a Gibson really sound that much better? I will be playing it through a Fender Blues Junior. Is it worth the 3399 $ they are asking for it at Guitar Center?
(You see I live in Iceland so I can't just arrive at GC and play these guitars to compare them.)

But man... that Custom looks so good in ebony! Also I was wondering if it sounds better than a Gibson Lp Standard, because they are 1400$ cheaper and have fast 60's slim necks, which I prefer.

there is a huge difference between a gibby and a epiphone. i always find epi pickups extremely muddy and sloppy. im not sure if 3300 dollars justifies a custom. i would buy used and save at least a grand.
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It sucks that you can't try them out, because even though Les Paul are very popular, as you discovered with the Strat, they aren't for everyone.
I hear that Les Pauls are good for blues, but don't rush into any decisions, look around for demons on Youtube, there are hundreds, take your time, its alot of money to spend.
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GET THE Gibson!

I prefer the 50's FAT neck and I play stuff by like Slash and Def Leppard, etc. But if you like the slim neck then GET IT!
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I also feel that I can't resist the looks of a Custom Black Beauty. When I saw it as a kid I thought,- this is a great guitar. To me It's like buying a piece of art, you just want it!
But then again I think it's very overpriced.

... ahhh now I need to look at it again
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Carvin CS6


more than half the price and you can customize it

or...you can customize one of those to look like a black beauty for less than half the price....
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I would Take a gibson over a fender deluxe. Les Pauls just have more balls. I guess it all depends what kinda music you play i play blues and classic rock so for me the gibson is really good, although i do use a strat to its just id prefer the feel and make of a gibson Les paul.
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Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking. The tone of a Les Paul is just incomparable. Plus I love it when a guitar sustains forever. The Strat has that twangy sound, that is good for funk, but I want to get more of that meaty sound, like on Led Zep's Since I've Been Loving You.
To me a Strat is more like a violin, it's bell like in sound, I feel that the LP is better suited to express the emotions of blues.
Now I am wondering about playability. The neck on the Strat is awesome. It's got hand rolled edges and is smooth and fast. Is the Les Paul Custom as comfortable? Besides what neck profile does it have? A 59?