What is the best software for recording guitar and or vocals. I have audacity but I wanna get something a little better. Dont worry about the price though cause it doesnt matter. Im thinking adobe soundbooth. What do you think.
Like I said in the pit, Cubase SX 3 is really good I think. You can do ALOT with it. And if price isn't an issue then get that for sure.
Reaper...if you want to take the free way.

Its the best free software out there imo
Yea, there's a bunch. Lemme start her up and i'll write them down.

Edit, Ok here goes.

Delay > Double Delay, Mod Delay
Distortion > DaTube, Overdrive, QudraFuzz
Dynamics > DeEsser, Dynamics, Magneto, MIDI Gate, MultibandCompressor, VST Dynamics
Filter > Q, Stepfilter, Tonic
Modulation > Chorus, Flanger, Metaliser, Phaser, RingModulator, Rotary, Symphonic, Tranceformer
Other > Bitcrusher, Chopper, UV22hr, Vocoder
Restoration > Grungelizer
Reverb > Reverb A, Reverb B, Roomworks
Surround > Mix6to2, SurroundDither

You can also get alot more effects by using VSTs
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It has been awesome for me. I tried other software but they just weren't as good. I can't say how the distortion is because i've only used it for vocals a couple of times. I use my pedal for guitar distortion. If you want VST distortion then i'd suggest Amplitube or GuitarRig. I think there are demos of them somewhere.
Ye i agree with maggot9779, i have guitar rig 3 and ill tell you know its incredible , ive recorded a couple of blues songs just using guitar rig and they sound sweet

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