My amp was retubed a couple of days ago, and the tech said that he was going to replace the power tubes. I assumed that he would replace them like for like (I had a set of Ruby 6L6GC's in there) but he replaced them with a brand called "Chelmer Valve". Has anyone had expierience with these valves? What are their tonal characteristics? I've never come across them before, so I'm curious. The tone is somewhat more bass heavy, but that is probably just the new 212 cab I'm using.
I googled it, poked around...I think they're a distrubutor of valves in UK, but I could be wrong. I don't seem to think they make their own.
Well, my peavey VK112 came with chelmers in it, it was second hand. I think that the valves are ok, but ive not experienced any other valves.. sorry i cant be more help :P