Picked up an AD15VT earlier in the week and wasn't 100% sure that it would satisfy what I was looking for in the realm of traditional heavy metal (80's stuff; maiden, metallica, megadeth, priest, anthrax, Crue). So I picked up a cube and will return one on Monday b/c I couldn't rule it out after demoing again in the store.

Here are my initial thoughts on the two before trying them head to head again tonight. I really wasn't sure about the vox having enough gain. I think the problem was I had an MG15 before this and thought gain was suppose to be static/fuzz. Yes, I'm a beginner.

Some quick thoughts:
1) The vox sounds more warmer or alive where the cube sounded more like an awesome SS amp.
2) I really do think the vox actually has some decent gain and sustain when going head to head with the cube on the different amps.
3) Not being used to the vox, it is taking me forever to get the settings I want and finding the right toggle between the gain, amp vol, and master vol. Also, used manual instead of the pre-sets all the time, and it's amazing how the sound changes with the effects. Seems like to get a good sound though in a lot of cases, needed the compressor/comp on. I'm new, may be normal, but didn't need this on the vox to get a tight sound.
4)Cube is 10x more simple to get to a sound I want. Good b/c this is a late night hobby for me. CD-in to play along with songs is pretty cool and useful too.
5) Since most of my favorite bands use marshalls, the vox has 3 good marshall amps (at least to my ear) compared to one for the Cube.

I guess what I'm struggling with tonight is do I trade off ease and simplicity for something that sounds a little closer to a real tube. Plus, with so many people saying the cube is better than this for hard rock and metal, and me being new, I'm struggling with what I might be missing. With the Vox, i'm a bit afraid I'll drown in the options. I think when I play maiden, priest, crue, metallica etc, though I can get close to the right sound on both the cube and vox, but I'll test again tonight.

Don't really have a question, but any other things I should consider in my test would be appreciated.
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no, you need to learn settings too. Its all about becoming a better musician. Go the vox
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"semi" easy choice --- VOX!

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I'd go for the vox, in my opinion the voxes just sound better than the cubes.
Went over it again. Night and day. Keeping the Vox. Does 80's metal same as cube but sounds 10x more alive.