Ok so i've been playing mandolin for a while and now I'm kinda trying to start a band playing mandolin. It would probably be like a rock or alternative band, but I don't really know how I would play mandolin for that would i just double the guitar? I'm looking for any rock bands with a mandolin player to maybe get some inspiration on how to play for that kind of music.
Led Zeppelin did. And yeah, i would just follow the guitar, except vary it a little. mandolin would just be color tones.
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Paul McCartney nd the Beatles Used Mandolines frequently (but would you call them Rock?)
LED ZEPPELIN!!!!!!!! How could you miss that??!! only the greatest band on the planet! Jimmy Page plays mandolin in a couple songs, mostly folk songs, such as "the Battle of Evermore", "Going to California", there's probably a couple more, but I can't think right now. Also, a band called Carbon Leaf, Im not sure if they have mandolin music, or if im even thinking of the right band, but im pretty sure they use mandolin in their music. I do know that there's a couple songs by the White Stripes, "Little Ghost", and "Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn".
Hope that helps!
oh yeah, if you go to my UG profile, Ive got a recording of my mandolin playing, check that out too.
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There used to be a band here in New England called Psychovsky. A trio with electric mandolin, bass, and drums. Dunno if you can find any recordings but they rocked in an alternative way. It can be done! The four courses of mandolin strings are the same as the four bass strings of a guitar (or bass) but reversed (G being low and E being high). Good luck!
Losing my religion by REM has mandolin in it. In an acoustic alternative band the mandolin would work great.
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I'm not familiar with R.E.M. but if I remember correctly, their guitarist got bored with the guitar and started to play mandolin for a while.

Also, check out "Stonehenge" by Spinal Tap, it has a sweet mandolin part and its also a hilarious song.
At the Rush concert I saw, Alex Lifeson had a mandola solo.
REM and Decemberists
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And, um, yeah, REM made good use of the mandolin in a few of their songs.
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i would switch from mandolin to other instruments. a samples player is would be great in a bands arsenal
Wow thanks everyone I'll try listening to some of this and I can definately swicth instruments, I can play drums, guitar, bass, and keyboards too so thats not gonna be a problem